Saturday, November 28, 2009

Figure Skating Injury: Medial Malleolar Bursitis

       Medial malleolar bursitis is one of the injuries unique to figure skaters, who wear rigid type boots when on ice. This condition happens from repetitive compression, friction, and shear forces created between the malleolus and boot. Common symptoms include pain right over the medial mellaolus which is a bony prominence right above the ankle, swelling, loss of motion, inability to keep a boot on, etc. This can be treated with (relative) rest, activity modification, NSAID's, ice, etc. If symtoms do not resolve with these treatments for a prolonged period of time, a surgical resection of inflamed bursa may be necessary.
       In case of septic bursitis, it should be removed surgically immediately and the athlete should be treated with antibiotics.
       This injury may be prevented by wearing properly fitted boots, not wearing worn out boots, using extra padding, avoiding overtraining, etc., and early intervention may keep it from progressing. Figur skaters spend hours and hours on ice for training and are prone to overuse injuries. Recognizing early signs and symptoms of any injury and treating them early become a key to prevent furthur injuries and to keep it from getting worse. 

MRI image of medial melleolus bursitis.


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